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I Luv Suwanee
Movie Production   Team 

Dive into the world of cinema with I Luv Suwanee's Movie Production class, where students transform creative visions into compelling short films, learning everything from scriptwriting to editing, all while gaining hands-on experience in actual movie-making.
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4 Weeks | 4 Classes
Saturday |  12PM - 2PM
March 2nd - March 30th
10 Spots Available


Movie Production   Team 


Saturdays 2PM - 5PM

Meeting Location:

3425 Martin Farm Rd, Suwanee, GA 30024*

Please note that the locations for our classes may vary within the Suwanee area. This flexibility allows us to choose sites best suited for the specific needs of each session, depending on the scripts developed by our students. We strive to select locations that enhance the learning experience and contribute to the production quality of the projects. Locations will be communicated at our classes

Overview: Welcome to the I Luv Suwanee Movie Production Class, where aspiring filmmakers and storytellers can bring their cinematic visions to life! This unique program is designed for those who are passionate about movie making and want to experience the thrill of creating a film from scratch. Utilizing innovative AI tools, participants will explore the realms of screenwriting, directing, filming, and post-production.

Class Details:

  • Frequency: Saturdays 12PM - 2PM

  • Location: 3425 Martin Farm Rd, Suwanee, GA 30024*

  • Duration: Monthly

  • Cost: $300 per month

  • Age Group: Open to all ages with a passion for filmmaking


Program Structure:

  1. Pre-Production:

    • Concept Development: Brainstorm and select movie themes and stories.

    • Screenwriting: Learn how to write compelling scripts using AI tools.

    • Planning & Scheduling: Organize the shooting schedule and assign roles.

  2. Production:

    • On-Set Experience: Act, direct, and film scenes at designated locations.

    • Hands-On Filming: Capture footage using various techniques.

    • Team Collaboration: Work together to bring the script to life.

  3. Post-Production:

    • Editing: Use AI tools to edit and finalize the movie.

    • Sound Design: Add music, sound effects, and dialogue.

    • Final Touches: Color grading and special effects to enhance the film.


Final Product:

  • Complete a 10-minute movie, ready to be showcased.

  • The movie will be featured on I Luv Suwanee's channels with over 500K monthly views.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Master the art of movie production from ideation to final product.

  • Gain practical knowledge in using AI for filmmaking.

  • Develop storytelling, technical, and collaborative skills.

  • Create a professional-quality short film for your portfolio.


Join Us:

Embark on a cinematic journey with I Luv Suwanee and transform your creative ideas into a stunning visual narrative. This is more than just a class; it's your opportunity to tell a story, learn cutting-edge technology, and see your work appreciated by a wide audience. Sign up and be part of Suwanee's filmmaking adventure!

Equipment Requirements 

  • Smartphone:

    • A current-generation smartphone (ideally an iPhone for consistency in quality and ease of file sharing) with a high-quality camera for filming. Ensure your device has sufficient storage space for video files and the capability to download necessary apps.

  • CapCut Pro App:

    • Subscription to CapCut Pro for advanced video editing features. This app will be used extensively for post-production editing, adding effects, and finalizing your projects.

  • AI Tools Subscription:

    • Access to the Free Version of Chat GPT for scriptwriting assistance, content planning, and other pre-production needs. Details on specific tools and subscription plans will be provided during class.

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