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Featuring Big Butt's Barbecue on I Luv Suwanee

Don't miss out on the delicious cuisine from our Featured Food Truck of the Month, serving up mouth-watering dishes at events throughout Suwanee.

Are you craving some traditional Southern barbecue? Look no further than Big Butts Barbecue! With over 30 years of experience slow-smoking and grilling up the best meats, Big Butts is sure to satisfy your cravings.

On the menu, you'll find all the classic barbecue favorites, from pulled pork and brisket, to smoked sausage and ribs. And don't forget about the side dishes! Big Butts offers potato salad as a side.

Big Butts Barbecue understands the importance of using just the right amount of sauce to enhance, rather than overpower, the flavor of the meat. And when it comes to the meat itself, you can trust that it will be of the highest quality and prepared to perfection.

Stop by Big Butts Barbecue food truck today and taste the true art of slow-and-low barbecue done right!

The prices as affordable and reasonable for the quality of the food. The menu offers a wide variety of classic barbecue options, such as sandwiches, plates, and sides, all at competitive prices. Overall, Big Butts Barbecue offers a fantastic value for the delicious, slow-smoked meats and classic sides that they serve.
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