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Dad's Top Shelf Dry Rubs: Elevate Your BBQ with Irresistible Flavor!

Dads BBQ seasoning

Dad, Robert Todd Koch, turned his teenage experimentation with seasonings into a lifelong passion. Always striving to create inspiring flavors, Dad's culinary journey led him to the irresistible world of low and slow BBQ. Frustrated by the excessive salt in most seasonings, Dad embarked on a mission to craft Memphis-style dry rubs that would redefine the BBQ experience.

At Dad's Top Shelf Dry Rubs, we take pride in our commitment to quality. What sets us apart is our focus on exceptional taste without the overwhelming salt. With our low-sodium, MSG-free, and all-natural ingredients, you can savor the true essence of BBQ without compromise.

Join us in celebrating the art of BBQ with Dad's Top Shelf Dry Rubs. Handcrafted by Dad himself in Cartersville, GA, USA, our rubs embody his lifelong dedication to creating flavors that leave a lasting impression.

Elevate your grilling game and experience the mouthwatering difference that passion and premium ingredients can make. It's time to unlock a new world of flavor and ignite your taste buds with Dad's exceptional dry rubs.


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