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Illuminating the Fight Against Rare Diseases with Rare STRIDES in Suwanee

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Suwanee, Georgia Rare Strides Glow in the Dark Event on June 24
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Hello, Suwanee residents! Are you ready to light up the night for a vital cause? On June 24, from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM at the Suwanee Town Center, we invite you to join the vibrant community of Rare STRIDES at the Annual Make Rare Visible Glow in the Dark Concert.

Who are Rare STRIDES? Their mission is to empower patients and medical teams with cutting-edge tools to fight rare diseases successfully. Made up of a passionate team of nurses, physicians, and business leaders, they are driven by a deep personal connection with the rare disease community.

Through the coordination of care via their advanced Rare Model of Care™ Module and Interactive Diagnostic Modeling™, they are making strides in facilitating rapid diagnostic next steps, improving health outcomes, and saving lives! They offer an innovative approach using STRIDES® (Strategic Technology for Rapid Identification of Diseases/Disorders Evaluation System), pioneering the journey to #MakeRareVisible.

One of their standout programs is Code Rare, a nationwide call to action initiated by first responders and hospitals. The goal? To trigger immediate delivery of specialized education and resources to medical teams caring for patients with rare diseases.

Rare STRIDES® also oversees the Rare Wish Program, dedicated to granting wishes for children and adults diagnosed with complex medical conditions, disorders, and rare diseases. It's a lifeline for many families who are often overlooked in traditional healthcare settings.

Now, here's a startling fact: as of 2023, there are over 10,000 rare diseases impacting an estimated 350 million people worldwide. Yes, you read that correctly. This is why the mission of Rare STRIDES is so essential.

The Annual Make Rare Visible Glow in the Dark Concert in Suwanee is a key event to raise awareness and unite the community in supporting this crucial cause. Not only will you enjoy an evening of vibrant glow-in-the-dark entertainment, but you'll also be contributing to a transformative change in rare disease healthcare.

Behind the success of this organization is a team of dedicated volunteers from all across the United States, including co-founders Beth Nguyen, RN, and Gary Kirkpatrick. Volunteers like Trena Myers, Matt Conway, Ovi Gologan, and others, along with the delightful mascot, Hope the Zebra, make the magic happen.

Fancy becoming part of this mission? Rare STRIDES is always looking for passionate individuals to volunteer their time and skills.

Suwanee, let's shine a light on rare diseases together! We look forward to seeing you glow at the Suwanee Town Center on Saturday, June 24. Register now and let's make rare visible!

Until then, stay safe and keep the love for Suwanee alive!


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