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Meet Brett Ryder: A Melodic Force for Good in Suwanee and Beyond

Brett Ryder

Welcome, Suwanee community! Today we're excited to shine a spotlight on a remarkable local talent that we're immensely proud to call one of our own. Meet Brett Ryder - a singer, songwriter, and guitarist with a heart of gold.

Brett Ryder's passion for music began as soon as he could walk. Picture a young boy with a guitar perpetually in his hands, even while sleeping, honing his craft with unwavering dedication. Today, he's known for his signature blend of southern rock and bluesy sound, though he's not shy about belting out a few Pantera songs to keep the crowd on their toes. Brett's unique style and deep connection to his music have earned him endearing titles like "an old soul" and a "young Elvis." But Brett isn't just a talented musician - he's a good person at heart. When he's not mesmerizing audiences with his music, he dedicates his time to charity work. According to his biography, his kindness and compassion are palpable upon meeting him, marking him as a genuine soul who deeply cares about his community.

Brett Ryder Rock Climbing

Beyond music and philanthropy, Brett is also a fan of graffiti art (always legal), a keen cyclist (including on a unicycle), and an avid traveler. His diverse interests help fuel his creativity and inform his compelling performances.

Brett's musical talents have taken him all over the south, often performing at events where he volunteers his time for causes close to his heart. In 2022, his exceptional talent and dedication were recognized when he won the People's Choice Award presented by Revved Up Kids, an organization working tirelessly to stop the sexual abuse, exploitation, and trafficking of children.

Brett Ryder Suwanee Porch Jam

This brings us to the exciting news: Brett Ryder will be performing at the joyful Summer Porch Jam in Suwanee tomorrow night! Catch him at the Smith House for what promises to be a memorable evening. With perfect weather on the forecast, it's the ideal event to bring the whole family along.

To keep up with Brett's musical journey, follow him on Instagram (@brettrydermusic), check out his performances on YouTube (@brettryder), or visit his website at

Join us at the Summer Porch Jam, and experience the magic of Brett Ryder's performance. We promise you'll be just as captivated by his talent and kindness as we are. Let's support our local artists and come together as the strong, spirited community that we, at I Luv Suwanee, are proud to be a part of!


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